Rushing On!

Whew! Can I slow down and catch my breath? For a minute or two, at least?



I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m feeling rushed…and dreadfully behind on everything.

It’s the holidays, of course. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, lots of family birthdays, and my usual busy schedule, I’ve got more things going on than I can possibly keep up with.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve worked on two 50,000 word “rough-draft” novels for National Novel-Writing Month (one I’ve finished, the other I’ll set aside until Camp NaNo comes along next summer), signed a contract with my publisher for three novels to be part of a series (one of which happens to be that NaNo rough draft I finished), and put together a sketchy outline for another novel-writing project.

We entertained family and friends with our annual “Scarecrow party” last month, and a few days ago, we celebrated Thanksgiving with an early morning “open house”.

Usually at this point in the season, I would have Christmas shopping literally “all wrapped up”. Nope, the gifts are not all wrapped. In fact, although I hate to admit it, the gifts are not even all bought. I’m so far behind now, I don’t know how I’ll ever catch up.

The house is a wreck, MLWR (my little writing room) is so cluttered I can barely make it through the mess to reach my desk, and even when I find time to get laundry done, when will I ever get it all put away?

How did life get so busy? I’m feeling disorganized…and that’s not good. I definitely need to spend a little time going to my “quiet place” inside my head…but when?

I don’t deal well with confusion. When life gets too busy, I buckle. I run to the bedroom, jump into the bed, and pull the covers up over my head. Wake me up when the holidays are over, all right?

Of course, that’s not a practical solution. Guess I’ll have to do the mature, adult thing — clean up the mess, finish the shopping, and schedule time to finish my writing projects.

I will. I promise. But let me stop and catch my breath first. Thanks. 🙂




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