Light a Candle for Love

A few days ago I saw a drawing encouraging donations for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  It showed a girl lighting a candle.

At once, I thought of a website I’d visited frequently years ago. Somehow, over the years, I’d lost the link and had completely forgotten about the site and the beautiful feelings that came over me each time I went there.

A quick Google search pulled up the information I needed. Here is the link:


Because November is all about gratitude and thanksgiving, I felt it would be a very apt time to share this link. What I’ve always enjoyed most at the site is lighting candles…for love, for peace in the world, for thanksgiving, in memory of those who have gone before, or as a prayer for those who are suffering. I visited the site on Monday, and have gone back each day since, lighting candles and spending a little quiet time reflecting on life and love.

I’ve created a special room of candles, and I hope others will join me in keeping at least one candle burning at all times for love.  When you light a candle, it will continue to burn for 48 hours.

To go directly to the room of the candles, you can visit the link below:

Light a Candle for Love

Love Candle






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