Hey, I’ll Just Start a New Board!

Recently I heard someone remark that they always thought Facebook was the biggest waste of time in their life…and then they discovered Pinterest.

Yep. I know the feeling.

I love Pinterest. No matter how many times I tell myself I’ll stay away, or that I’ll only drop by long enough to post a pin or two, I soon find myself scrolling through screen after screen of the most marvelous, most mind-boggling, most awesome photographs, designs, treasures, quotes, and drawings.

For those who don’t know what Pinterest is all about — and I seriously doubt there are many of you — it’s today’s technology meets yesterday’s bulletin board. You create “boards”. You find pictures. You “pin” them to your board.

I began with one board. My thought was that I’d find pretty pictures and gather them into one convenient smile-inducing collection. I called it “Inspirations“.

But then I found a recipe with a picture, and somehow it didn’t quite seem to fit with my other selections. So, I started a “Food” board. Other authors soon were talking about creating boards to post inspirations for stories. I was playing around with the idea for a new story, so I created another board.

By now, I was finding lots of pictures that didn’t really seem to belong anywhere, so I came up with “Other” — a generic board where I could post anything and everything. It contains photos like this one.

“One of those lovely pictures I don’t know what to do with.”

When I began working on my romance novel, Summertime, of course, I had to create a “Summertime” board on Pinterest.

And so it went. Each time I visited, I added a new board. Maybe two. I have boards for cats and flowers and fairies. Actually, I have two boards for fairies. One is for the fairies themselves, another is for the gardens in which they live and sing and play.

I have mystical moods, things that make me laugh, and lots of clever quotes. I even have Paris! Why, I don’t know. I’ve never been to Paris and have no plans to ever go. But a few pictures of Paris caught my eye, and I didn’t really know where to put them other than to give them a board of their own.

During the day while I’m writing, I avoid Pinterest, even though the “Pin This!” button on my browser seems to be always winking at me, always saying “Pssst, look over there. You might see something you want.”

I’ve learned to ignore the voice, but only because I know that once I’ve finished my work for the day, then I can go play. I can scroll through all those incredible photographs. I can click here, pin there, and watch my little collection of treasures grow.

Oh,  yeah. I have another board just for that: Little Treasures. Well, yeah! Where else was I supposed to put white pumpkins and wedding dresses? I suppose I could start a couple new boards… ya think?

Please, when you’re not busy doing something important, come visit my Pinterest boards. You might like it. Who knows! You might even want to pin a few pictures to boards of your own.







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