Ghost Train

I love discovering new music, and even more, I love sharing my discoveries with others.

On Thursday night — All Hallow’s Eve — I listened to Kansas Public Radio expecting the usual fare of “spooky” classical pieces. You know the ones I’m talking about. Night on Bald MountainRide of the Valkyries, Danse Macabre.

Yes, there was some of that. But there was more. Much more. I enjoyed hearing William Bolcom’s rag, Graceful Ghost, and Waxman’s music for Bride of Frankenstein.

Most of all, I was immediately captivated by modern composer, Eric Whitacre, and his Ghost Train Triptych from 1994. I thoroughly enjoyed the three-piece set. As always, when I hear something new that I truly like, I headed at once for Amazon.

The Music of Eric Whitacre

The Ghost Train Triptych is available on this album, or the 3 pieces can be purchased as individual MP3 files.

I hope you enjoy this music.



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