Guess What Day It Is!

OK, I know. It isn’t Wednesday, but since when have I ever let facts stand in the way when I’m having fun?

I love the Geico camel. That’s understandable, really, since I have this thing about talking animals of all sorts. Want to make me happy? Just put me in front of a television and turn on some silly movie that has talking animals — dogs, cats, roosters, pigs, it doesn’t matter — and I’ll be happy as…well, as a lark.

Enter the Geico camel. I can’t help it! I adore this camel, and I’ve liked the hump-backed fellow on Facebook. Have you?

 The Geico Camel

What day is it?

Of course, somebody always has to spoil the fun, and apparently the camel might be getting too popular for its own good.  Believe it or not, schools are now banning  the “Guess What Day It Is?” comment. Too many students were having too much fun.

I’m planning to download a video of the commercial before it goes away. I’m laughing right now just looking at this picture. I love the camel!




6 thoughts on “Guess What Day It Is!

    • I love this silly camel. I really do. BTW, I was thinking about you earlier yesterday, wondering how you were doing. So, what are your thoughts on the upcoming Fashion Week finale on Project Runway? Justin’s unconventional dress blew me away!

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