Noise and Confusion

Hi…I’m back! Maybe you thought you’d seen the last of me since I’ve been scarce for a few days. Nope. You can ‘t get rid of me so easily. I’m like a proverbial bad penny that keeps coming back again and again.

Lately, I have been overwhelmed with too many things to do, too many pesky little problems to deal with, and far too much noise and confusion going on in my life.  I have an extremely low tolerance to noise, and sometimes, in this busy world we live in, finding a quiet place is hard to do.

When I find myself too busy to get away, it helps to at least “get away” in my head. I like to visualize a sunny little nook…like this quiet little corner I visited once at Powell Gardens.

Sunny Garden Nook Sunday


Among the frustrations I’m dealing with this morning are:

  • My erratic internet connection
  • A keyboard that isn’t working
  • Too many activities on the schedule
  • Lack of sleep
  • Family obligations

So, what’s new? This is how every day has been looking lately. It’s no wonder I’ve been frazzled, cranky, and downright grouchy. I definitely need to get away to my sunny little corner.


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