A Practical Primer for Daily Living

I love history. I especially enjoy reading old newspapers and letters or ferreting out information from times past. One of the best resources I have in my library is a book called Keeping Hearth and Home in Old Colorado.

A Practical Primer for Daily Living — A long, long time ago.

It offers many precious jewels of wisdom, such as this sage advice “for the lady well-comported”.


A lady should:

  • Be quiet in her manners, natural and unassuming in her language, careful to wound no one’s feelings, but giving generously and freely from the treasures of her pure mind to her friends.
  • Scorn no one openly but have a gentle pity for the unfortunate, the inferior, and the ignorant, at the same time carrying herself with an innocence and single-heartedness which disarms ill nature and wins respect and love from all.

Such a lady is a model for her sex, the “bright particular star” on which men look with reverence. The influence of such a woman is a power for good which cannot be over-estimated.


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