Once in a Blue Moon? It’s Not What You Think

All this time now, I’ve been wrong. The only consolation I have is the knowledge that a lot of other folks have been wrong, too.

A blue moon is not “the second full moon in a month”. Nope. Turns out that was a mistake, and it also turns out that the upcoming full moon will be of the “blue” variety.

Of course, that has nothing to do with the color, although I knew a fellow once who excitedly told me he had his camera ready and hoped to get a lot of good shots of a blue moon. He was slightly disappointed when I explained that the moon would not really be blue.

Forget the camera, dude, it’s not really blue.

I learn something new every day.  Mostly I just keep learning how little I know.

Here’s the whole story on the August Blue Moon.  Be sure to check out the quiz.




2 thoughts on “Once in a Blue Moon? It’s Not What You Think

  1. Hey, just came by to say thank you for the PingBack, didn’t actually touch on the Blue Moon during my research for my article, luckily because I could have been so wrong! Have a good day ahead!

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