Optical Illusions

I’ve been playing around this morning with optical illusions…and now my eyes and my brain are both swirling around in mad, colorful circles.  Illusions have always fascinated me.

Give this one a gander:

No…it’s not really moving. It’s all an illusion. 

Sorta makes you dizzy after a while, doesn’t it? I found this one along with lots of other mind-blowing optical illusions at this website:




Here’s another of my favorites, taken from the same site:


Which way is she spinning?


If she’s spinning clockwise, you are, like me, a right-brained person. Spinning counter-clockwise? You’re the more logical, rational, left-brained thinker.

I’ve also been enjoying Brain Games on the National Geographic channel. If you haven’t discovered this program yet, check it out.  Just don’t be surprised when the host asks, “Did you see the penguin?”

Nope. I didn’t. Neither did my honey-bunny. We gotta start paying more attention!

Brain Games – National Geographic




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