Sidetracked by Science

Yep, getting sidetracked already. I was planning to have a quiet, contemplative week. I figured I’d do a bit of meditation, maybe practice some yoga, and I’d definitely light a few candles and burn a little nag champa incense. I was going to focus my thoughts on dreaming, explore dream interpretations, and wander through a few figments of my imagination.


The Day the Earth Stood Still

But then I ran headlong into science.  First, there was The Day the Earth Stood Still airing on the Sci-Fi channel.  Anybody remember that 1951 movie? “Klaautu barada nikto!” Except that it wasn’t the old movie I remembered. It was a 2008 remake. Oh, well. I left my honey-bunny to his viewing and came into my writing room.

There, I found myself exploring not dreams, but the moon. Not even sure how I got there, but Popular Mechanics was asking — also in 2008 — about ownership of our lunar satellite.

From there, somehow, I found myself transported to a science site.  Oh, the articles I found! I got hooked, and I was off on more different tangents than I could keep up with at once.

Funny thing, I never really liked science all that much in school. Now, I’m eager to read more, learn more, and maybe even do more. They still sell chemistry sets, don’t they?

This morning, I found this lovely little button. I’ll wear it proudly.

Science…it’s not just for nerds anymore

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