Water Water Everywhere

Ever hear that old saying, “Water, water, everywhere…and not a drop to drink”? Sure you have. We’ve all heard it. I’m glad it’s not literally true for me. I do have plenty of water to drink.

I also seem to have water everywhere…in the figurative, imaginative sense. What began as a journey with Odin has turned into a lengthy sea-voyage of sorts. I’ve read about Vikings in the latest issue of my Military History Quarterly, and I’ve waded — pun intended — through a difficult-to-follow story of a sailing man whose family drowned. That came from a Kindle freebie titled Weird Tales from Northern Seas. I now have a lovely photograph of the North Sea as wallpaper for my phone, and everywhere I turn, I’m finding more scenes and stories of water, water fowl, oceans, sea kelp, sea dragons, and shipwrecks. So long as it’s not the ship on which Odin and I are sailing, I guess I’m still all right. A bit crazy, maybe, but I’ve always been that way.

Of course, it’s been raining and pouring, and I fall asleep to the soothing sounds of rain on leaves…either the real thing or through one of my ambient soundscape programs.

Just now, my desktop screensaver cycled up its next shot, and it sorta took my breath away. Water. Yes. Beautiful. Ethereal. Mystical. I have to share it. It’s too lovely to keep to myself.

Bald Cypress in Fog


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