Just Hanging Around…Waiting

Internet Access

Internet Access 

The last few hours have been frustrating ones. Awful, really, how hooked we can be with the internet.  My connection to cyberspace could best be called “flaky” at the moment…that is, when it exists at all. I won’t go into a long rant about the problem, when it started, or why it’s happening. Complaining about it isn’t going to resolve anything. Unfortunately, nothing else seems likely to resolve the issues, either.


I write, I click, I try to save. I lose my tenuous connection. I copy. I paste. I wait.


Some pages load, others give me error messages designed to look cheerful and friendly. Yeah, right.


I’m taking it all in stride, figuring this “hurry up and wait” way of life must be something I’m supposed to be learning right now. Patience, I know, has always been a virtue. It just hasn’t been one of mine.


Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly


I have dozens of things to do while my sluggish internet connection languishes in the ether. Books galore to read, a new CD about Buddy Holly to view, and several writing projects that are awaiting revision. I have music to play, songs to sing, and long walks to take around the lake and back.


I have more mundane tasks, too. I could wash dishes, do more laundry, or sweep the kitchen floor. I could do lots of things. Things I’m always “too busy” to do.


Instead, I sit here in my little writing room, struggling to check e-mail, and attempting to keep up with friends on Facebook and requests on Linked-In. Never mind even trying to check my Klout score or follow my Twitter feed.

Yep…just hanging around. That’s what I’m doing today.


Hanging Around




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