I’ve Been Runed!

Yes, runed…not ruined. But, you already knew that, didn’t you? After all, I have been talking about Norse mythologyOdin, and his discovery of the rune stones.

But what, exactly, are runes?

English: Engraved tiles of obsidian (here call...

The simple answer is that runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet.  But there’s much more to know. In browsing the internet, I came across this site:

Alphabet of Mystery

While reading through the wealth of information provided at the site, I became curious about the individual runes and their meanings. As Christina Cole, I am closely-linked to the “hard C, or K” sound. And for the record, my sweet “honey bunny” — my intelligent but often disorganized husband — shares that sound in both first and last name. Between the two of us, we’re surrounded with this energy, which, in runes, corresponds to Kenaz.

Kenaz means torch, light, and illumination. It represents vision, revelation, knowledge, creativity, inspiration, and a quest for truth. Kenaz signifies the vital fire of life, transformation, and regeneration. It is the power to create one’s own reality. Kenaz is passion. It is observation, clarity of thought, and humility.

I was quite pleased when I read the meaning of Kenaz. That rune seems to capture the true essence of who I am…well, all except for that “humility” part. But, I’m working on it, OK?

Runes are used today primarily as a method of divination. In this cyber-world, it’s possible to have runes cast online. You can also get “rune” apps for your tablet or smartphone. Imagine that! On-the-go rune-casting. Quick answers for whatever situation you face.

Rune-casting, I’ve learned, is not fortune-telling. This comes from the site linked above, Alphabet of Mystery:

Runic divination or “rune-casting” is not “fortunetelling” in the sense that one actually sees the future. Instead, runes give one a means of analyzing the path that one is on and a likely outcome. The future is not fixed. It changes with everything one does. If one does not like the prediction, one can always change paths.

Yes, I do like that last line. If one does not like the prediction, one can always change paths. This is so true in so many ways, and yet so many people fail to see this simple truth.

So, what might the runes have to say about me? Where am I in life? What am I learning? What am I doing? Growing more and more curious with each new piece of information I gather, I’m eager to have a rune reading performed.


Whoa, Nellie! To say I’m stunned would be a huge understatement. For several minutes, all I could do was to sit here and shake my head in amazement. In light of all I’ve been learning and reading over the past week, the concepts of this rune literally took my breath away.

But, first! Where and how was this reading performed? I visited an online divination site, found a handy “free rune reading” offer, took a deep breath, and entered my information. I had a few decisions to make:

  • What question was I asking?
  • What type of runes should be used?
  • What layout did I want?

Let’s start with the runes. I could choose from gold, jade, stone, spirit, and more. I leaned toward spirit, but at the last moment, I selected “stone” instead. It felt right, you know.

Next, the layout. There were various “structures” — a diamond, a fork, and others, too. There was also the option for a single rune. I didn’t want anything long, drawn-out, complicated, or confusing, so I chose to have a single rune drawn, or cast, for me.

The question I entered was simply this:

What do I need to learn at this time in my life?

Here’s the answer:

A single rune is used to gain a quick insight into what drives the situation, or to reduce it to the most concise summary possible. Stone runes are most commonly used for questions about the natural world and things beyond human control.

The rune represents the critical factor in the issue at hand. ANSUZ refers to a god or the spoken word of God. It is the voice of reason, law, prophecy, and truth. It is the truth heard in the wind. This rune represents wisdom obtained or knowledge delivered. It is the rune of absolute good advice and true council — the message we must all strive to hear.

Delving a little deeper into possible meanings of ANSUZ, I found this information:

Key Concepts of ANSUZ:  Order, gods, Odin, transmission of intelligence, communication, reason, inspiration, language, breath, sound, origins of language, the Voice of the Universe, spellsong, casting, chanting, ancestors, passing of the breath along the ancestral line, evolution of gods, speech, poetry, discussion of runes, memetics, semiotics, etymology, linguistics.

So, it’s brought me back around to where I started, back to Odin, and to my own discussion of runes and mythology, my desire to communicate and share my experiences with others, and my on-going search for both truth and inspiration.

Well done, runes!


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