Lunar Meditation: The blessing of twilight.

I love black and white photography, and this truly captures the mystical mood of twilight. This week I’m exploring dreams and dreaming…and this caught my eye as well as my imagination. It’s reposted from Complete Health Circle.

Healey Institute for Healers


The play of light and darkness on the sea in the sky. That is the blessing of twilight.

That liminal time where day and night wed in a glorious and inspiring celebration of cricket song.

Do you enjoy the twilight? This beautiful piece of nature’s art? Where everything seems to deepen in hue, and trees seem to be photograph negatives. Black silhouettes on a light screen, the world is wrapped with a veil of dew.

Ahhh, twilight.

Good night, sweet dreams.

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One thought on “Lunar Meditation: The blessing of twilight.

  1. what an incredible photograph! it looks so much like the pen and ink drawings i spent hours on when i was younger. thank you so much for referencing my poem on your post, what a wonderful compliment to begin my day. *so smiling now*

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