A Few Final Words from the Devil

I thought I was done with him, but he’s whispering in my ear again, reminding me of other things I was supposed to mention.

Over the last week, I’ve spent a lot of time browsing links associated with the devil. Many of those links led to personal journals — very personal ones.  The internet has become a home for thoughts and feelings, a place which provides a bit of space, a little distance between us and others. It gives us a way of reaching out without touching, a way of sharing without judgment, a way of crying for help without facing up to friends and family. It’s much easier to be honest about our feelings when we’re among strangers, somehow. To those whose journals I’ve read, I want to say “thank you” for your honesty.  I hope the act of sharing your suffering has, in some way, eased your pain.

KISS in concert in Boston, 2004

KISS in concert

My internet browsing about the devil also led me to a lot of music, mostly heavy metal, goth, and punk. The devil, it seems, has always had a close connection to music, whether it’s through the primitive beat of a drum, the madness of a demonic fiddler, or the hot licks of today’s electric-guitar masters.

In art and literature, in music, in film, in religion, philosophy, and most of all, in our own personal experiences. the devil is there, always a part of who we really are.


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