Yes, the Devil Has Been Talking to Me

I recently followed a link from the Devil…always interesting to see where he takes me. I found myself on a site proclaiming that the devil has been speaking to me.

Yes, I know.

The site posed a number of questions, the first of which was this:

What has the devil been telling you?

I thought it would be good to answer this question. So, what’s that old devil been telling me?

The devil has been telling me to look into things, not just scan the surface, but to dig deep, to figure out what makes things work — or what keeps them from working. What’s behind the scene? Behind the curtain? Maybe it’s only some little fellow who thinks he’s a wizard, or at least, who wants other people to think he is. It’s not good to take things at face value. The devil also reminds me that I don’t really know very much.

There’s a huge world out there — a vast universe to discover. There are people, places, things…so much to learn and do.  The devil is a curious fellow. I like that about him. He’s always poking and prodding, pushing, tugging, taking things apart and putting them back together again.

What’s the devil been telling YOU?

The devil likes to talk…a lot.


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