Chasing Away the Devil

I’ve been out browsing around, looking over links to the devil…or well, not to the devil, you know, but links about the devil. He’s everywhere, just like those crazy chimpanzees he’s brought with him. The devil obviously loves the internet, and the internet seems to love him.

St. James taught that we should “resist the devil”. He comes bearing mighty temptations, knowing how weak-willed mankind is. Once he gets his claws into us, we’re hooked, enslaved, bound.

There’s something to this, actually. Whether we believe in the existence of “The Devil” or not, we have to admit that there are lots of addictive substances in our world. We can get trapped very easily.

Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, television, internet, pornography, rock music, sex…just to name a few. Actually, just as folks say the devil’s name is legion, meaning there’s no end to his power, there’s really no end to the list of possible addictions.

But if we allow ourselves to become addicted, who’s to blame? Read that again. If WE allow OURSELVES… yeah, addiction is our own fault, isn’t it?

I’ve come to enslave you!

As far as I know, there isn’t really any huge scary monster standing over any of us urging us to do his bidding. If he exists, he exists within us, which brings me back to my original point. The devil is human.  Which means it would hard to make the devil flee…unless we have some sort of psychotic personality, in which case, maybe it would be possible.

Scriptural references to resisting Satan seem to be militaristic in nature. Stand firm. Resist. Put on the armor of God. Gird up your loins — oh, yes, that’s where much of the temptation begins — and submit to your leader. That would be God.

That’s all well and good, and what would religion do without the devil?  Frankly, I think it’s time we stopped blaming all the evils in the world on some supernatural boogey man.  Better, I think, to make friends with the devil and recognize him as part of who we are.  Why give him so much power? Why not keep it for ourselves?

You know it's true!

You know it’s true!


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